Twin Grims

Before I start, I have a special message for a few of you.  If you’re expecting sweeper cardis by Labor Day, it’s best just not to read this post. Seriously. Avert your eyes for a few paragraphs.

In my adventures to hot glue eyes to Grim Reapers, I have discovered that somewhere between high and close and low and wide lies the correct placement for Grim eyes. (pattern courtesy Creepy Cute Crochet)

Grimildee and Grimildum

Grimildee and Grimildum

With the completion of my Grim (one is for a friend for a friend’s birthday), it’s time to start making a few more creepy cute creatures for fall. I need zombies, an amazon or two, and definitely a legless and armless knight, as soon as I find my almondish colored yarn.

Okay. For the two (or three… four?? What was I thinking??) of you out there expecting sweeper thingamabobs (my new favorite name for them, courtesy of my aunt who calls me to demand ask nicely for more usually within hours of cleaning her floors), welcome back!  With cotton yarn ready, your sweeper cardis are in progress… I promise!!


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