Valentine’s Wreath

The girls and I made this wonderful Valentine’s Day wreath using The Thriftress‘ tutorial.  It was incredibly easy and a great project for us today on this crazy snow day in Fort Worth.

My total project expense was $5.24. I used a paper towel roll, 2 toilet paper rolls, and only bought a can of red spray paint, glitter, and ribbon. It would be a great project at a Girl Scout meeting!


We live in the host city for the AFC Championship team during the Super Bowl and we’re also huge Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Mad was dying for a Steeler Nation scarf of her own and the progress on my knit scarf wasn’t progressing at a pace to keep her happy. We compromised and made a trip to pick up a bit of fleece.

I make her take it off when she goes to bed, but otherwise she’s decked out in black and gold all day long. It was a super easy project! I used 1/3 yard each of black and gold fleece (30% off at Hobby Lobby!), cut in half lengthwise. I stacked the four pieces on top of each other then sewed up the middle, backstitching at the beginning and end. I cut one inch strips, making sure to stay at least a 1/2 inch from the stitching.  Fluff it up and you’re ready to go!


On Day One of our week long “Icepocalypse” here in Fort Worth, we played a lot of board games. At the end of Day Four, I’d give anything for a few moments of alone time!  Back on that lovely first day at home, we were in the midst of a massive attack of Zombies (one of our favorite games) when I remembered that two years ago I started knitting a scarf in Steelers colors. With the Big Game this weekend here in our own Metroplex, I had to get back to work! I’m about 30 rows from completing it as of today, but at the time, I’d only completed 30 rows.

Look how huge the knitting needles look next to those terrifying little zombies!


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