Birds of a Feather Wreath Tutorial

One of my favorite blogs, Dollar Store Crafts, inspired me to create my first craft tutorial. I’ve started making regular trips to my local Dollar Tree searching for random items both for crafting and my Girl Scout troop. On my trip this week, I found a great supply of Spring goodies to make an Easter wreath. This is an easy project that just requires a little less than an hour of your time and a glue gun.


(Outside of the glue gun and glue sticks, I picked up all of my supplies for $1 each at either Dollar Tree or Michaels)

  • glue gun (had on hand) + glue sticks
  • Bamboo circle wreath
  • Spring color pom poms
  • Foam glitter egg decorations
  • 2 Foam Birds
  • Spring flower ribbon


Gather your supplies. For an extra bit of entertainment, keep them on the dining room table to wait on your husband’s reaction. Mine, still not accepting of girlie and all things cute after 12 years of being together, said, “Oh no. What are you doing???” It made me smile that secret “It’s going to be even MORE cutesy now mister!” smile.

I started with the pom poms. I placed 3 or 4 dots of hot glue  on the wreath and then placed the pom poms on the glue. I tried a few where I’d place the glue on the pom pom first, but then I’d panic and not know where to place the poor glued pom pom. Glue first, then pom pom was a better option .As you can see here, I clumped them together at the beginning and then spread them out because I liked it better.

It didn’t take long to finish all of my pom poms. I love the colors. 🙂 There’s no real order to placing the pom poms other than making sure not to place the same colors next to each other. I did not cover the back. It would have taken another package. I had just the right amount to make a nice even surface.

After the pom poms, start adding the eggs. As you can see, I added them in pairs. The package came with 8 eggs in four different colors. I removed the ribbons from the ornaments. Since the eggs are foam, a little tug and the ribbons came right out. I made sure to place the egg where the hole from the ribbon would either be glued or concealed from sight.

My foam eggs did not weigh much. It’s best to glue a pair of eggs and then hold in place until they have a little stability or they’ll pop up and find their own home on the wreath.

The final step is to add the birds. I placed them near the center of the wreath.

I removed the wires from the birds and just hot glued them into place. Again, they’re made of foam and won’t stay still unless you hold them in place to set the glue a bit. I thought about placing them kissing but I had to draw the line at just mostly cute and not super cute. (I have a husband’s cuteness allergy to consider.)

The finished product…..

Super easy and super cute. 🙂  Only a few weeks until it’s officially Spring!


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