I originally began blogging at tiffcrochets.com back in 2003. I moved my archives for the original blog to tiffcrochets.wordpress.com if you’re ever interested in what may lurk there. (Terrifying things abound.)  As my interests grew in other areas and my children entered school, I found myself with less and less time to devote to faithfully running my blog.

With a little bit of time management self-education, I am finding my voice once again. What have I been up to? I am now a fully certified teacher but without a “real” job. I am a teacher. I teach in a classroom when given the opportunity, but outside the traditional classroom I am a Girl Scout troop leader of 18 girls, I am a small group leader for my church’s high school youth, and whenever asked, I teach friends to crochet.

I still maintain my love of crochet, but it’s not my only craft love anymore.  You can find my original patterns both here and on ravelry.com. I now quilt, sew, knit, and do a wide variety of other crafts. I love to cook and occasionally bake. I hope you enjoy my journey through the crafty side of life.

If you would like to contact me, you may find me:

email: tiffany.roots@gmail.com

Twitter: @tiffanyroots

When did you start crocheting?

The first time I picked up a hook, I was a very jealous woman. My mom was in the midst of making a blanket for my soon-to-be Maddie, who is now 8 years old. I was very much pregnant, the mother of a lovely two year old, a stay at home mom, and the wife of a law student and full time law clerk who lived very far from family and friends. We were in Las Vegas and all of my family was in Texas, while my husband’s family was in Montana. I was getting desperate for something to do with myself and my mom looked as if she were having the time of her life crocheting a blanket for MY baby (her granddaughter, but who needs semantics in a time of crisis?). I asked her politely to teach me to crochet. She gave me a hook, her crochet book, and some yarn to use while she was visiting.

My mom was not the nicest teacher. She was a tyrant. (She will read this and huff and puff but I will redeem myself!) I started with the chain stitch. I made miles upon miles of chains (give or take). It wasn’t perfect. She made me RIP IT OUT and start over. UGH. So.. I did. I kept going until my chains passed muster. She then said that because I was left handed, I would have to teach myself the rest. She kindly showed me where in her crochet book the left handed instructions were located and I started working. At this point, I became stubborn enough that I was not going to quit. If my mom could crochet, I could crochet. (This same logic applied to me rushing to complete my bachelor’s degree a few months later at the same time as my husband’s law degree. I knew I was smarter than him and hell would freeze over before he had two degrees over me.) My mom’s insistence that before I learned something new, my stitches had to look perfect was not a bad thing. I could care less now if my stitches do look perfect, but without that push from her meeting my stubbornness head-on, I would have given up crochet years ago.


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