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Something to Aspire to… 2KCBWDAY6

(I know it’s a few days late, but it was a super busy weekend with the family.)

I aspire to develop the patience to make afghans. I have made afghans in the past, but I want to make them for loved ones. It takes a lot of yarn and a lot of time to crochet an afghan. I have been extremely selfish with my two completed afghans. (Don’t think about touching my afghans if you’re cold at my house. I’ve got plenty of other blankets for you to choose from.) I would love to surprise my mom or grandmother with an afghan for Christmas. They last forever. I love going to my grandparents’  house and cuddling under the red and white afghan crocheted by my late great grandmother. I can feel like she’s there next to me.

Much like a quilt, a well made afghan can be a treasured family heirloom. It doesn’t take fancy yarn. In fact, I would prefer an afghan from acrylic so that I know it will have the versatility to withstand the tests of time and multiple washes.

With a quick search for free afghan patterns on Ravelry, here are a few that inspire me to take on the time and challenge:

  • Lenox Throw – Very flowery, very girlie, and very much my mom. I would need to make it with at least one shade of purple
  • Spiders and Cobwebs Throw – lacy and perfect for my grandmother.
  • Woodland Circle – makes me dream of a cold winter night by the fire
  • Patchwork Persuasion – this looks like it would take a lot of time and effort and would probably make me never want to crochet an afghan  again for as long as I live, but I think I would be willing to take on the challenge.

What inspires you?


And Now for Something Completely Different – 2KCBWDAY5

About me through photos…

And finally…. ME (just much, much smaller)

Why I Crochet (and why you should too)

(Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 1)

Why do I crochet? Until a friend asked me to teach her to crochet a few months ago, I had not made anything nor had the desire to pick up a crochet hook in months. My life had become too busy. I told myself that I wasn’t stressed, but I could hear it in my voice when my children asked me a question on a particularly busy day. I could feel it in my attitude towards my husband when he came home at the end of the day. I am beyond grateful for my friend for renewing my love for something that I had taken for granted.

I crochet because I can see something come to life before me, whether it’s a simple dishcloth or an intricate lace doily. I love seeing the endless possibilities that live inside a simple ball of yarn.


I picked up this ball of Caron Simply Soft Paints today because I loved the color and thought it would make a great batch of crochet eggs for Easter. On the other hand, I could use it to make a Brownie hat for Laura. She has quite a collection of hats and quite a collection of plaid shorts. I just bought her a new pair of shorts that would look great with something from this yarn. I found a cute bunny pattern that would look beautiful in this colorway also. Needless to say, I could make practically anything from this yarn, with the right pattern or the right imagination to create a pattern. I crochet because of the endless possibilities.

I also crochet for the peace of mind that comes over me while I’m sitting in a comfy chair with hook and yarn in hand. Since I started crocheting again a few months ago, I feel a little bit better. I’m less likely to snap at one of the girls and I’m definitely enjoying the company of my husband more. Are these changes directly related to crocheting? Who knows. I feel as if it has made a slight difference in my daily countenance. (I checked the definition of countenance on and my use of the word is defined as “archaic”. It may be archaic but Jane Austen would be proud.)

Last night, I spent hours working on a baby blanket. I loved watching the hearts come into being. Once I stopped, I could not believe how much I’d accomplished in what seemed like so little time. It’s a very pretty purple and almost makes me wish we were having another baby. This blanket has a home with a future baby, yet to be determined. It will go to my church crochet group and will be full of prayers and good wishes.

Through crochet, I have meet countless people who also love the art. I have rarely, if ever, been treated negatively for crocheting. In fact, on the times that I’m crocheting in public and someone does comment on what I’m doing, I’m approached more often by someone who has recently learned to crochet or has fond memories of a family member who crocheted. I love having that moment of connection with a stranger. I can sit with people of any age or race or gender who are crocheting and feel a connection. I am a very shy person. Feeling comfortable around strangers is not something that comes easy to me. Crochet helps me overcome some of that shyness. (I will say that I will not approach others who are crocheting or knitting. It’s the shy thing.)

Why should you start crocheting? I could name any sort of reason here but ultimately, you must learn how to crochet for your own personal reasons. Maybe you’d like to donate hats or baby blankets to a charity, dog and cat blankets to a local shelter, your best friend is having a baby, YOU’RE having a baby. What brings you to crochet will not be the same thing that keeps you crocheting or what brings you back from a long break. Either way, pick up a hook, buy yarn that makes you think of endless possibilities, and get to work. It will be worth it.


Apples of Gold

A month ago, a new crochet group formed at my church to make blankets for members expecting new babies. Put like-minded women together in the same room and a small idea blossoms into something more. We’re now expanding our baby basket making to include a local area program that helps young women and teens. My first contribution is this 9-patch Baby Throw from Lion Brand Yarn.



I loved how simple this pattern came together. It’s a simple stitch and I look forward to making more in the future. I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Baby yarn in Pink Poodle and Sweet Pea.

The best part about finishing this project is that as soon as I was finished crocheting, I was ready to start a new project, which is a feeling that’s been missing for a year or more. I’m excited to start something new. Now to decide what to crochet first….

Time for a change

Please bear with me while I play with my blog theme over the next few days.  I’ve chosen a theme that has a lot of customizability to give me room to make changes when the need overcomes me without making drastic changes to the appearance.

I’ve been making a few Grim Reapers.  While this Death waits on eyes, he (it?) decided to lounge in my plant. I know it’s time as a houseplant is almost over, but Death did not have to make it so obvious that the end is near. (Grim Reaper is from Creepy Cute Crochet.)

Faceless Death

Faceless Death

Two years ago, I started working on Amie Hirtes’ Sweet Pea Shawl (via NexStitch) for myself.  I had made one a year before that for my mother, which she loves to the point that she will never wear it because she claims it’s too beautiful. I wear it when I’m visiting because it is not supposed to spend it’s life draped over a mirror.  After finishing three rows, I put my shawl to the side to work on other projects. A few weeks ago, I pulled the unfinished shawl off of my yarn shelf to take with me as a project for my breaks during standardized testing at the middle school.  After a week of testing, I’m getting close to being finished.  I will definitely need for the mornings in Montana while we are visiting the in-laws this summer.  Here’s a little shot of my progress:

Sweet Pea Shawl in progress

Sweet Pea Shawl in progress

Crazy hair day

I have been living in a bad hair day for a few weeks thanks to me saying, “I want to keep the length, but the last time I came in, she didn’t trim the layers enough.”  I lost a couple of inches of sorely needed hair that day.  It has been two weeks and I’m content with my new short style, but I still wake up to bad hair days.  In honor of my bad hair days, I made Medusa.

Medusa is really at the request of Laura but Medusa and I spent a lot of time sympathizing over hair during the two days it took me to make her.



Medusa is from Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden (her Etsy shop here).   I am in love with Christen’s patterns.  I have attempted amigurumi creatures in the past and failed.  Her steps are easy to follow and there are diagrams! I love diagrams. I even survived creating eyes and scythes from sculpy relatively unscathed. Give me any reason to work with Cotton Ease and I’ll be happy.  I’m still working on my sewing skills (Medusa is humped over a little like Igor, which I claim is because she’s depressed over hair).

I have to go pick up Girl Scout cookie incentives for my troop and then I am going to sit down and get to work on the Grim Reaper.

A little craftiness

Becoming Blue Chairs

Becoming Blue Chairs

A retro metal chair set was one of the first purchases as a married couple.  It was a boring dull green color but at that time in my life, dark greens and reds were my favorite.  I’ve upgraded to brighter colors and after almost ten years (eek!), I thought it was time my chair set upgraded too.  The table is finished, but the chairs are still in progress.  I’ve injured my pointer fingers (they hurt so therefore they’re injured) from the spray can nozzles so I’m waiting another day or two for the winds to die down again and my fingers to heal before I finish my little blue beauties.

I ran out of time last Friday to talk about these cute chick bookmarks before leaving town.  Friday (or perhaps Thursday), Craft posted about Jinjerup’s free chick bookmark pattern.  I thought they’d make a perfect quick spring gift for my family of readers.  Laura let me borrow a few of her many books to snap a few photos.

Chickie bookmarks

Chickie bookmarks

This was a very quick, simple project and quite a hit with little girls who love all things spring and cute.



I’ve also been crocheting with cotton a lot lately.  Once the weather heats up in North Texas, I like making things for the kitchen.  The rest of the year, I don’t really want to, but in spring, the need to make new dishcloths, potholders and such takes over all other yarn desires.  I think there’s also a link to sitting every Thursday in a warm humid natatorium while the girls dive.  Speaking of, it’s time for diving!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!