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I Ate Pie for Dinner (don’t tell my husband)

I woke up this morning with pie on the mind. Pie is often on my mind, to be honest. Have you ever wanted a good piece of pie after dinner?  It happens to me all. the. time. I’m not alone. My husband feels the same so I’m quite convinced there’s something in our home that makes us crave pie, like we’re haunted by the ghost of Sarah Lee or something.  Do you know how often we actually eat pie? Once every six months.  I don’t exactly keep pie making materials close at hand and places that serve pie on random weeknights are on the other side of town and talk about feeling guilty! Driving an hour for pie?? That would be the two of us.

Today I caved and made this glorious pie crust.

I did not destroy the crust!!!!!

Here’s a look from another direction. (This is making you want pie too, isn’t it??)  I have in the past made a great tasting pie crust, but one that looks completely horrid.

I’m feeling a little Martha-ish. I made the finger flutie things!

The weather is just taunting us with fall here in Texas. It will get here, but at its own pace. To help get into that fall spirit, I made a pumpkin pie. I really like that pumpkin pies do not require a pre-baked pie crust. That terrifies me. Why? I don’t know. What if it burns?!?!? Here’s a close up of the finished, non-burned pie.

Pie rules. So much better than cupcakes.

Only one of my girls love pie. If the other didn’t look so much like me, I’d be convinced she was switched at birth and my pie-loving daughter was out there somewhere dreaming of a mom who bakes her pies.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Crepes

I love chocolate covered strawberries! A few years ago, I made up this quick recipe to satisfy my cravings for the special treat.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Crepes to die for (I use Amy Karol’s (Angry Chicken) Recipe Cheat Sheet – here). I make them over medium high heat in my 10 inch skillet. They turn out wonderfully.

Strawberries, chopped and covered with a couple of spoonfuls of sugar (I know, great details!)

Whipping cream, whipped (of course!)

Chocolate syrup


How to make delicious yummy goodness:

Combine about a 1/4 cup of your strawberries with 1/4 cup of the whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mix.

Fill up your crepe with most of the strawberry and cream mixture (Reserve a spoonful to place on top). Fold to look pretty.

Spoon remaining mixture on top of crepe, then drizzle with chocolate sauce.

Enjoy! It really does taste like chocolate covered strawberries.

Angel Food Cake is Sooooo Good

I ran to the grocery store this afternoon to pick up the two necessary items that we cannot live without (or wait until payday tomorrow before buying) – milk and Diet Coke. The milk is so that the girls will not freak in the morning, hyperventilating over a bowl of dry Honey Bunches of Oats when they discover their dad drank the last of the milk the night before (every other day – he must STOP.IT!). The Diet Coke is supposed to stop the late night milk chugging, but does not. Anyway, back to my point! Immediately when I walked in, I was blinded by my favorite sign of late spring – strawberries under $2 a pint/carton/whatever-they-come-in. Strawberries are my biggest fruit weakness. I could eat the entire container in a day, but force myself to share (unlike Andy with the MILK!). I picked up Cool Whip Free (an attempt to be good with that creamy goodness) and a box of Angel Food Cake mix. I’ve always wanted to make angel food cake on my own so this was the first step towards attempting it. Look at our lovely shortcake goodness!

Strawberry shortcake

I used dark brown sugar on the strawberries instead of granulated sugar. I’m trying to switch over to the “dark” side. It’s supposed to be healthier and you definitely do not have to use as much to sweeten things.

I’ve also spent this Sunday afternoon starting on a Brownie hat for myself. I’m using Cascade Luna in a lovely green. I’ve been in love with greens this spring. My newest purse is green. My crochet bag is green (and brown and white). The last three shirts I bought were green. I would have bought a green Ravelry shirt but I was trying to control my green urges. Here’s my progress so far –

My Brownie hat

I should truly be finished by now because the total crochet time for me on this hat is about an hour. Instead, I wandered into the kitchen to make angel food cake, then hot dogs for the girls, then cut up the strawberries, washed a load of dishes, talked to Andy’s mom and my dad on the phone, engage in the neverending battle to keep my Google Reader feeds under 200, and now it’s hours later. Which reminds me! I will sit down to watch The Hours once the girls go to bed since it’s due back at the library tomorrow and I can finish my hat then.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I’m doing to try to finish the Little Acorn bag for both Laura and Maddie as a end of school present. They have both worked hard this year and have done so well in school that I am so proud of them.

Have a wonderful week!

I call her Vera

I ordered a set of awesome Firefly inspired pins from this nerdy little shop and they’re about to be covering my yarn tote and my camera case.  I think my “I call her Vera” pin will go on my key ring though because that’s one of my favorite Jayne scenes.  See?  Aren’t they awesome?

Firefly buttons

The girls and I are heading to Houston for the weekend.  They have some freaky five day holiday thing.  I understand having Monday off, but they’ve turned it into a winter “mini-break”.  Come on!  I would have rather had an extra three days off over the Christmas holidays.  This did give me a perfect reason to head back into H-town to do a little visiting so I’ll take advantage.

The trip back home also meant that I could not let our apple collection go to ruin, so Laura and I made Amy’s apple crisp from her recipe cheat sheet.  It was delicious and so easy to make.  I sliced the apples extra thin, which made them mouthwatering, and Laura mixed up the rest of the ingredients.  It was steaming when I took this photo on my new doily plates from Crate & Barrel.

Apple Crisp

 May your weekend be beautiful!  I hope to have many hours of crafty time ahead of me and I will post of my adventures when I return!  See you around Ravelry this weekend because I know I won’t be able to stay away!