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Where are they now? 2KCBWDAY4

Most of my crocheted projects end up with my children or a family member. I don’t make a lot for myself. I want to have pretty crocheted things to show off. They’re stolen. By my children. They’re evil. EVIL. One in particular. She looks so much better wearing my hat or carrying my purse than I do. I can’t say no to her. I try but she gives me the look. It’s hard to resist.

Take for example this hat:

Me. Just doesn’t look right.

Her. Perfect fit and look.

I’m losing the war when it comes to who gets the pretty crochet. I’m okay with being on the losing side. I’ve won a few battles along the way. She knows better than to use my afghan. I worked hard for two years to finish it so I’ve claimed it for my own. I’m going to start on a cardigan for myself this summer. She’s growing but she’s not going to be wearing the same size clothes as me for a long time. I’ll get to keep the cardigan for my very own. Until she convinces me to make it in her size….


Tidy mind, tidy stitches – 2KCBWDAY3

I am not a neat and tidy crocheter. I like living in a state of organized chaos when it comes to my yarn and pattern stash. I’ve tried over the years to change this, but it’s just a no go. It doesn’t work.

Let me reword the last paragraph. I am a very neat and tidy crocheter. My stitches are always uniform, neat, and tidy. I am NOT a neat and tidy yarnie. My yarn is everywhere, stuffed in every nook and cranny in every room of my house. My daughters grab a skein of yarn and finger knit in their bedrooms or on car trips. I have a project beside my bed if I’m in the mood to crochet while watching TV in bed. I don’t have projects in the bathroom. My reasons why shouldn’t need to be explained.

I’ve tried to organize my yarn stash. It doesn’t work. I won’t try it again. I’ll try to keep it reasonably organized but just like every home should have a junk drawer of doom, every home should have a basket of random yarn. It keeps you grounded. I thought about posting a photo of a few of my yarn stashes around my house but I have secret stashes so that my husband doesn’t know where ALL of the yarn is located. I can’t give up my “bat caves”. He’d cut off my yarn stash funds and then I would cry.

Two Brownies


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I love making my Brownie hat pattern. The girls love it too. I can make one hat in around an hour, give or take extra time due to distractions. I’ve made them in thicker worsted weight yarn, like Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, and in a DK weight Noro, like my hat in the photo.

We wore our matching hats the other day on yet another cold rainy winter day in North Texas. They’re perfect for the weather!

Merry Christmas

My lovely daughter performed at her music school’s winter recital last weekend.  Here’s a video of her playing Jingle Bells along with her instructor.

I have been crafty, just working with a broken camera has been frustrating.  I hope to start fresh with posts and such soon, so don’t give up on me yet!

Twin Grims

Before I start, I have a special message for a few of you.  If you’re expecting sweeper cardis by Labor Day, it’s best just not to read this post. Seriously. Avert your eyes for a few paragraphs.

In my adventures to hot glue eyes to Grim Reapers, I have discovered that somewhere between high and close and low and wide lies the correct placement for Grim eyes. (pattern courtesy Creepy Cute Crochet)

Grimildee and Grimildum

Grimildee and Grimildum

With the completion of my Grim (one is for a friend for a friend’s birthday), it’s time to start making a few more creepy cute creatures for fall. I need zombies, an amazon or two, and definitely a legless and armless knight, as soon as I find my almondish colored yarn.

Okay. For the two (or three… four?? What was I thinking??) of you out there expecting sweeper thingamabobs (my new favorite name for them, courtesy of my aunt who calls me to demand ask nicely for more usually within hours of cleaning her floors), welcome back!  With cotton yarn ready, your sweeper cardis are in progress… I promise!!



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Julie and her chicken potholders make me not want to make anything EXCEPT chicken potholders. Evil Julie.

But I’ll Miss the Humidity

It’s not set in stone yet, but it looks as if we might be relocating 3/4 of our family up to the great wet metroplex to the north of us to join the lonely 1/4.  We’re negotiating terms right now, meaning that we have to decide if it’s a financially wise move.  I’m of the opinion that it is, but I haven’t crunched the numbers yet.  Basically, by me not working and combining our homes, we’ll lose over half of my paycheck in expenses alone.  Realizing that has made me realize that I’m working just to pay to expenses that exist solely because I work.  I would rather redirect all of those hours that I spend here pretending not to work towards networking and beginning my teaching career.

Anyhoo.  We’ll have more of a sound decision between now and the 4th.  In the mean time, I have organization (i.e. dumping of the junk) out the wazoo to do now so that I can start packing!  AND, I’ve got to have at least one awesome meeting with two fellow crocheters here in Houston.  Oh, that “organization” begins with that contest I mentioned before.